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A Dark Reflection

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  • A Dark Reflection

    Satanic finger tips glide across the glass
    as I am entrapped within a mirror
    watching in my delirium as you pass
    silently awaiting for you to draw nearer

    For you to look deep into darkened eyes
    to dig my nails into your deceptive skin
    pulling you inside, where the true you lies
    to the evil you repress within

    As transparent tears trickle down your face
    a viscous scarlet blood drips off of mine
    as your unfortunate existence will erase
    when a body and reflection combine

    Bound to me, by torturous chains
    my imprisoning glass blood spattered
    inaudible screams trapped within the remains
    of the mirror that was unframed, the glass shattered.

    By, Melissa June

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    Hi, MelissaJune, You have chosen an apt title for this dark and powerful poem. Your choice of words is marvelous and the picture you paint is dark and haunting. I feel like there are vampire teeth within inches of my sleeping neck! Great work!


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      Thank you very much!