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Afloat For Another Day

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  • Afloat For Another Day

    I swim in my tears day after day

    while distant shore awaits

    with quicksand to another realm.

    I balance on the rope

    across life’s ragged-edged cliff.

    A force pulling me to a great fall...

    into labyrinth of doubts...

    in quiet, but gnawing misery.

    Lost in every corner...

    As I bite my fingers until they bleed...

    longing to mend heartaches,

    though hope springs up,

    pushing me back once more

    to the sea of my tears...

    still afloat for another day...

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    You sound a bit like me my friend, I now understand why you understand,, Understand?


    • imrogue
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      We all carry our own burden in life... It is up to us to walk on with it to eventually unload it or to be buried with it on the same spot...alive ...

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    This is a splendid write imrogue! I found it to be entrancing from the first line to the last. Well done!


    • imrogue
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      Thank you Graydon Archer! And for your very nice comment! I'm glad you like it.

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    Wow, this poem is full of pitfalls and pain, each one worse than the next, but somehow you made it through the day. In my similarly themed poems, I wasn't so lucky. Very nice write imrogue! I enjoyed the clever use imagery and metaphor.


    • imrogue
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      Thanks for reading MHenry! And thanks for your comments... Which poem of yours are you referring to? I'd like to read it...if you don't mind.

    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      Hi, Imrogue. The Lord's Prayer - For Non-Believers, Lost at Sea, A Shuttered Window, The Village People, The Precious Little Neighbor Boy, and probably a few others... You may have already seen them in a different light.