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  • Old Fartin' Rap

    A rhyme came to me just after my nap,
    perhaps there's a place for Old Fartin' Rap?
    Could rap about things unknown to the young,
    like accepting age and holding ones tongue.
    Could rap about gas that clears out a room,
    plus dander and flakes you brush with a broom.
    Could rap about leaks that don't seem to stop,
    and hair that is thinning on sides and on top.
    Could rap about bones that don't seem to work,
    and then there's "Old Pete" who's no longer perk.
    Could rap to the rhythm - could rap to the rhyme,
    could rap just for fun though well past my prime.
    Could rap with the best and put on a show,
    it seems now my pants ride naturally low.