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  • Alanna Cross

    Based on a true story. !

    Alanna Cross was twelve .
    When twelve was the age of long division
    She hurt her wrist through incision
    When twelve was the age of pushing dolls in a pram
    She was seen flashing through a webcam

    Alanna Cross lifted her shirt.
    And then the question " send me a picture "
    A photo that would change lives ; a fixture
    She raised her shirt, bared her chest
    This is not a story of rape or incest.

    Once upon a time , did not humans walk nude
    Was not man and woman, primitive ; crude
    Did not men paint pictures of breasts and call it art?
    When did this creative expression become "tart"?

    A few months later , a message delivered by a demon
    Who I believe possesses no humanity , manhood , semen
    Another threat , a knock at 4 , not even dawn
    A knock that announces a new life being born .

    A life of being so sad it becomes a disease
    Oh would you take some time to understand please ?
    For how many knocks do you hear in your life
    A knock by a long lost friend , or a homecoming wife ?

    A knock by a postman , a tax collector in coat
    But this one was the police with a distraught report,
    For everyone had seen her bare, the
    Entire city
    You would expect them to feel nothing but remorse or pity

    These very males who seeked pleasure watching porn
    Braised and bruised Cross till she was nothing but torn
    They loved seeing women make videos for money
    Laughed at the videos of this girl; somehow this was "funny"

    If you're going to name a girl who bared her chest, a "hoe"
    Then so are the women you watch behind a closed door.
    She moved schools , but he followed her like a curse
    Ruining her life , so quickly , quietly, he was terse.

    And then ! A ray of hope shone through like a lighthouse by a sea
    A person claimed to like her quite immensely,
    So when she was loved , she accepted it in all forms,
    But he was already in a relationship and cheating was the norm.

    The next day at school, in front of a crowd ,
    A fight began, uproarious and loud ,
    The girlfriend found out, as all things are bound to be revealed ,
    And Alanna Cross kept the boy's unfaithfulness concealed .

    They hammered her , brought her down on the ground ,
    And the teachers watched helplessly, only just astound ,
    She fell face first, into a ditch,
    They called her a hoe, a slut, 12 year old bitch.

    And when she was found , she went home and drank
    Bleach like it was an oxygen tank,
    The only way to live was to perish,
    But the ambulance flushed it as though it was a blemish.

    And then the memes begun on the Internet
    " She should've tried different bleach" they fret,
    She eventually made a video and shared it with the world,
    But the comments still called her the " slutty girl". ...

    And when she was dead , there was a lamenting choir ,
    If only they realised this months prior ..
    And yet when the boys watched her story unfold ,
    They googled " boob flash" as though on a search for gold.

    Alanna Cross was fifteen.
    When fifteen was the age of boy bands ,
    She was busy , cutting her hands ,
    When fifteen was drinking and telling your parents a lie,
    She saw fifteen as the age to die .

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    Oh my. You made the words and poem beautiful for such a dark subject. You have seen a lot in your young life. I am going to say what AlexandratheLate usually says,
    You have a beautiful soul. I can hardly believe you are only 17. Your picture shows beauty on the outside also.


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      ShahlaaYasmin - you have done justice to Alanna Cross in this most poignant piece of verse. I can't imagine how difficult this was to write. Thank you for sharing.


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        This poem is powerful and touching. I am mourning poor Alanna Cross, and the poor, stupid children that devalued her life so much she felt obliged to forfeit. This poem gave me the chills and the shudders. The power of words! Thanks for sharing, Shahlaa


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          BrainWreck, you are so sweet, thank you very much! I believe quite wholeheartedly that you have a wonderful soul too.
          RhymeLovingWriter and MHenry, thank you very much for reading this ! Her name is actually Amanda Todd, I'm sure some of you might have heard of her. I was afraid of using her real name because I didn't know whether it would be appropriate but I feel that it must be mentioned so that some of you wonderful people may check out her video on YouTube; that very sad, last plea.


          • Brainwreck
            Brainwreck commented
            Editing a comment
            Your poem was a beautiful tribute. I watched some of the videos and now it is hard for me to swallow. A beautiful young girl
            It is tragic. She decided to make that video to speak from the grave. I hope it saves some more children . The young
            have to be very careful. Everything is on camera and it never goes away. I hope that it also speaks to those
            who bully. They are cowards, don't they have something better to do. And the older man should be put in a stockade
            and have his picture posted everywhere. They should post all predators pictures far and wide. The bullies , don't
            know what they can do because of their age. This world has gotten too perfect for all of it's growing imperfections.
            I think they need to start showing kids at a younger age the damage that can be done. I thought before, high school,
            I am mistaken.
            5th grade? gosh they are only 10. It should be a prerequisite for going to Jr. High. Tears for Amanda Todd.

          • ShahlaaYasmin
            ShahlaaYasmin commented
            Editing a comment
            I know right ?! Now you understand how I feel. After watching that video, I saw the world differently. Her story has stayed with me . I didn't know her personally, but oh, what would I give just to sit with her and listen for a few minutes to her heart-rending tale and to tell her that I would be there for her. It makes me wonder , was there no one in her life that could have helped ? Unfortunately, despite the video and the suicide , there have been many more memes made while mocking her . I find comments of other girls like her saying they are being bullied and the haters respond suggesting bleach as a remedy. It makes me sick. I hope most people are like the people I find on this forum because we genuinely need to stop talking and start doing . Because there might come a day, when this would not be a story about just another daughter. There might come a day when it is your daughter .

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          Devastating read, Shahlaa.


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            I will take that as an indication that this poem has achieved its objective; so, thank you, Grant Hayes!


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              A cautionary tale I have told my nieces and nephews.

              Mind how you treat others, how you treat yourself.

              Stand up and be counted, when standing up really counts!

              Well said!


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                Thank you Dwayne! Your nieces and nephews are lucky to have such wise words showered upon them.


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                  Shalaa Your poem moved me. Young people have so much to deal with that they shouldn't have to.


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                    Thank you so much! I truly agree with you.I wish I was born in the 80's; what a time to be alive !