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  • Crossed wires

    You hated change of any kind
    In your mind you knew
    Exactly how the day
    Was going to go –
    And I tried to make it so.

    I tried to protect from
    Anyone or anything that
    Would infect your rationale;
    Your morale –
    Was so easy to bruise.

    In school you were
    Abused - used
    By kids who thought
    That you were
    Acting weird.

    They smeared shit
    On your clothes;
    And who knows –
    What else they
    Put you through…

    You hid your pain in art;
    You drew everything
    You saw and more –
    As I tried hard
    Not to fall apart.

    Growing up the answers
    Were confusing –
    Hours were spent perusing -
    To help you comprehend.

    Sometimes you’d pretend;
    So I’d loosen the
    Apron strings a bit;
    I knew
    I had to submit…

    The teens bought infatuation –
    The opposite sex were not kind;
    They didn’t understand
    Your mind…

    How a break-up
    Would affect you.
    And I told you,
    One hundred texts a day
    Was not the way to win a heart.

    That was the start.
    Now you’re a man –
    You had a master plan
    And went to Uni.

    You learned to hide
    The tics;
    And other tricks;
    So no-one knew
    The difference.

    You filled your soul
    With music –
    Bought a guitar
    Taught yourself
    To use it.

    Life is still not easy.
    You know it never will be -
    Without sounding cheesy
    I think you will agree -
    That change is good!

    That you could –
    Achieve anything you want;
    You could!
    And while some dreams
    May shatter

    In the end -
    People’s differences;
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    What a wonderfully encouraging story you've related here Marianne. I love the message that hope was maintained despite difficulty and triumphs at the end! Kudos!


    • Marianne Burgess
      Marianne Burgess commented
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      Thank you so much - this is about my Son who is now 28 - he has an ASD. I was recalling watching him growing up and though of how far he's come in life. I am very proud! Thank you for your kind comment.

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    I assume this is your son. I feel your pain, as I have watched my son suffer through relentless bullying, which damaged him permanently. Compelling write, Marianne.


    • Marianne Burgess
      Marianne Burgess commented
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      Yes - it is about my Son who is now 28 and has an ASD. This was me reflecting on how proud I am that he has achieved good things in life! Thank you for your kind comments!

    • Brainwreck
      Brainwreck commented
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      MHenry, sorry to hear that your son was also bullied. I don't know how much permanent damage he has, all you can
      do is to look for new things for him to do that may bring him some joy.

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    Your poem is so lovely to be about the mentally interesting. Crossed Wires, you could not have picked a better title. Everyone has their times, but some have it
    all the time. This subject should be taught more in schools. Have you read Shaylaa Yasmin's poem ;Alana Cross'? All this bullying for just being different or
    making a mistake. It has become an epidemic, one we should put out. I wonder what the bullies get for punishment. I would like to see them being embarrassed and
    what it feels like. I am overly mean. I was one of the weird kids at school, never saying many words. I don't remember anyone bullying me, I just did not
    get invited in to groups or many spend the night overs. But, I also preferred to be by myself, extreme shyness and a feeling that I did not belong and that for
    some reasons my feelings were different from theirs. I hope your son is not picked on now. He probably has some very interesting paintings.And teaching himself
    guitar is impressive. I have ADD and don't like leaving the house and a few more , but the internet has opened up a whole new world for me. Like I have
    friends, though we have not met. The internet is extremely good medicine for some or maybe not ,It just makes staying at home easier.


    • Marianne Burgess
      Marianne Burgess commented
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      Thank you so much for sharing these comments. I am sorry that you were excluded from stuff at school - kids are so very cruel. My Son has an amazing group of friends now (he is 28) and is in a metal band and has travelled halfway round the world! His life is very different now from that of his school days.

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    hey mind if i put some music to this poem???


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      That would be really interesting!


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        a heartfelt lovely poem Marianne Burgess ... love the title and the deep meaning.