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"A Barque In The Cosmos,, (Dedicated to "The Other")

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  • "A Barque In The Cosmos,, (Dedicated to "The Other")

    "A Barque In The Cosmos,,

    Somewhere out there among infinity,,
    The lines come together in harmony,,

    This is the berth where we long to be,,
    If only in your mind's eye you'd see,,

    Far above anguish that thunderously screams,,
    Coming together as one, Chasing our dreams,,

    Our infinite cosmos so deepened, and dark,,
    The timelines cross, There we seek our barque,,

    We sail synergistically amongst the myriad of stars,,
    Toiling indistinguishably, Loving as one, Healing our scars,,

    We could be stars if only you'd bare your heart,,
    We'd discover our place in manner of Decartes,,

    We'd have our fairytale, Our happy ending,,
    This plea I shall continue tirelessly sending,,

    I sense its just beyond outstretched arms straining,,
    Cataclysmic if only our dreams be remaining,,

    ("Rene' Decartes,, The father of modern philosophy eventually discovered that “I exist” is impossible to doubt and is, therefore, absolutely certain.")
    Nautical. A sailing vessel having three or more masts, square-rigged, the aft most mast, is fore-and-aft-rigged.)
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    Robert, I like. Love several of the words you chose.


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      Well Robert Wendt - where have you been hiding this side? Nicely, nicely done.


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        Like a deeply ingrained stain, If you scrub long enough some of it comes to the surface..


        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          Keep scrubbing man - this is wonderfully light and hopeful - and we can all use a dose of that once in awhile!

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        Actually I rented $40.00 words from a college puke that I know


        • Brainwreck
          Brainwreck commented
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          Rented words. So funny

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        Well it payed off, I see. Wonderfully done. I love the depth to this poem. Wish my poems had this much meaning. You inspire me, Robert.


        • Robert Wendt
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          Au contraire Darlin

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        Listful, longing, ever hopeful, invoking the cosmos to your cause. Star wars. Very lovely, Robert. I enjoyed the journey.


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          Very lovely and uniquely you, Robert...


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            Thank you Katray, You are uniquely YOU as well


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              I'm glad you defined some of that. I thought I was fairly up on those $40 words but I missed at least two or three of them.. Great work!


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                That you my friend you just reminded me that the rent is due on some of those words


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                  We sail synergistically amongst the myriad of stars,,
                  Toiling indistinguishably, Loving as one, Healing our

                  Oh thank you for this lovely, lovely verse!