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Chaos of the Cosmos (Passion's Sound)

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  • Chaos of the Cosmos (Passion's Sound)

    Lyrics dance free in space-time,
    be they human motions, soul of seashells living into gravity sublime
    or rhythm of rains, sweat and tears hidden
    and listened.
    Rays keep after glowing
    through creation of one core shattered to flowing
    upon waves of long ago consummation
    There cantillates the language of our gyration.

    * Just playing around with thoughts about the first observation of gravitational waves; Albert Einstein proven right again! The first link (the one that says "gravitational waves - Bing Images" - the one beneath it goes somewhere else but I can't seem to separate the two) shows a cool depiction of what I attempted to convey with words..
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    And it even rhymes too. What a cosmic ecstasy of words and concepts. I love the word 'cantillates' btw. Not enough Likes!


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      The title is spectacular! Musical Cosmos where lyrics dance to the rhythm of rain and sweat, chanting echoes of the big bang. Enchanting thoughts. Sometimes, poetic works are finished when we don't know it. You can do no wrong Katray.


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        I think we have a "ringer" Is this Shakespeare's great great great great great great great Grand Daughter? I think so