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  • "Dragging Main"

    Polish my "Wheels" - even the rust,
    radio loud - 'twas really a must.
    "Chick" by my side - was ever so sweet,
    cuddling close on my roomy bench seat.
    Summer's were best to drive around town,
    in my old hardtop with all windows down.
    Wave to our friends and other cool guys,
    stop at the drive-in for burgers and fries.
    Felt independent and so much alive,
    memories fond and still they survive,
    as part of my past and stuck in my brain,
    of young and in love while just dragging main.

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    I'm curious Bob - are you from the mid-Western US? This is part of my history too - in fact it is (or used to be) a weekend ritual and way to meet your potential future mate. I was born near Hays, KS - but always thought this was a peculiarity of that region. Maybe the practice is more wide-spread than I thought?


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      Upper as in North Dakota. Burned a lot of gas going up and down that street.


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        Oh Yea, cuddling in a front bench seat. Do they even make bench seats any more?


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          I've only seen them in older vehicles.


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            Guess we are aging ourselves.