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    ink reaping through their veins
    Letters decapitating their heart
    words invading their soul
    Sentences that leave a hole
    Releasing wavering pain
    A write written with feelings of despair
    A straight hit to the core
    A flow of rage in the heart
    Untouchable subjects that rots unconditional love
    A poem too unconventional for the eyes
    Who am I to hide my deepest thoughts
    “Freedom of speech”? Lies
    Freedom knows no speech
    Speech has no freedom
    Freedom has no boundaries
    People's minds? in the contrary
    My poem leaves them with profound scars
    They leave me with haunted thoughts
    My heart conveys what I want to say
    What is a poet, one that only sees gray?
    Hurt by one's words?
    Amorphous sorrow as if they were stabbed?
    The only answer
    I’ve been flagged

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    Wonderfully written Hawa! I really enjoyed this....


    • Hawa Diawara
      Hawa Diawara commented
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      thank you very much @archer for reading and for the wonderful comment. I enjoyed that you enjoyed my work

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    I love the hip hop jazz of this piece.


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    Powerful poetry here Hawa! 'A poem too unconventional for the eyes' - indeed. You tell it like it is! Kudos!


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    Hi, Hawa, I, too, enjoyed this fine poem. The first four lines hooked me. and left a wonderful image in my mind. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hawa Diawara
      Hawa Diawara commented
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      Thank you for the wonderful comment, and I am astonished that the first four lines of my poem hooked you because that's what I was looking for in this poem and I'm happy you did

    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      I think many of us are astonished to find that other people see what we see and react as we do. I am glad I was able to fulfill this poem's destiny!

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    Hawa, I like what you point out. Freedom and justice are just words
    .................................................. .You can have as much as you can afford.


    • Hawa Diawara
      Hawa Diawara commented
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      Brainwreck always happy to have you leaving notes, and you always point out something that has a deep meaning to me, very happy. And yep freedom and justice all those are words