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    I have long harboured
    a love affair
    with romantic fiction,
    rhythmic verbosity,
    frank and polished diction.

    While some collect baseball cards,
    or albums that they've heard,
    I can't wait
    to whip out my Oxford,
    and discover a new word.

    You see,
    I'm hooked on etymology,
    a kind of literary archeology.
    The tools of
    whit and fantasy
    so consume my days
    the exploration
    of mechanisms
    that facilitate a phrase.

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    Yep - I resemble this poem! Thanks again Dwayne - for saying what I think - in a beautiful way!


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      Hi, Dwayne, I am sure many of us share your sentiments.

      As a businessman in an artist's mind, I am a transoccupationer. LBGTQO. I have always wanted to trade my numbers for words, but alas, the car payment comes due monthly.


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        I wish I were this poem. Like MHenry, I have to earn a crust.


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          I am speaking metaphorically, of course.

          I have to pay the bills too!

          But sometimes it feels like the poem just insists on being written!


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            I like that you're hooked on the archaeology of words and the mechanisms of phrasing and the whole lexical-literary show. It makes your poems sing.


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              One of my favorite times is getting out of the shower soaking wet and running to my notepad to jot down the lines I've been writing in my head in the shower. As a consequence, I may have forgotten to wash behind my ears.


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                Excellently versed, Dwayne, I love all of my books, how to's, etc. and dictionaries too! I'm currently disabled but still have kids home that need tending once in awhile, smile, but not having to do the daily out the door for the day grind does afford me more free time to indulge my passions. I hope I'll finish one of my novels or books of poetry AND get it published and marketed well before I have to head back to the mines, so to speak. (I'm told I'll be listed for a transplant sooner rather than later and will be able to resume normal living again after a period of recuperation) Just my luck though that I'll get all better, have to go back to work and my write-babies will be neglected again, ha..


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                  DWAYNE, A love affair with romantic fiction. I need to get out and read some.
                  RLW, you resemble this poem.
                  MHenry, transoccupationeer cool....LBGTQO??? I do not know
                  Grant, earn a crust. new one for me......archaeology of words.
                  MHenry... running dripping, lord I am getting a mental picture
                  Katray, tending kids once in awhile...LOL and on a serious note, good luck with your illness and transplant. Prayers coming your way.

                  I do believe this is the first poem and all comments that made me comment. ..Guinness book of Records. Someone notify The Zone !!!!

                  I do hope I wake up tomorrow in the same way I did today. ...I feel like I am on some kinda roll, no moss gathering today.


                  • Brainwreck
                    Brainwreck commented
                    Editing a comment
                    No such luck
                    waking up
                    in my head
                    there is a pound
                    back to bed
                    maybe I'll come around

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                  Dwayne, you talk faster when you get excited, don't you? At least, that's what I read in that uptick in tempo at the end. :-) Great expression of what is obviously the feelings of the kindred spirits, including me, on this site.
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                    Interesting perspective, I suppose it's just the lyrical jazz in me, expressing itself.


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                      Sometimes I'm "jazzy lyrical".
                      Depends on the flow.
                      "Washed Out Bridges" is like that.