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Guinea pigs in wigs

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  • Guinea pigs in wigs

    Guinea pigs in wigs

    They come inmy room
    they make a mess
    Without them Mum
    It would be less

    Who dear Mum sighs
    Looks into my yes
    My heart dances a jig
    tI was quinesa pigs in wigs

    Really says mam
    I sit in her ;lap
    Did you dream little one
    Di you have a nap

    Mum I said
    It was real
    Came to play
    Didn't steal

    But why wigs
    Mum Asks
    Its nonsense
    Get on with tasks

    But I said
    to her suprise
    Its obvious
    Was a disguise

    they made a mess
    they told me
    Did confess

    it was ther
    For hungers sake
    They ate all
    The choclate cake

    Oh Dear said Mum
    For your lunch
    Will have to be
    Different lunch

    I have some
    Lovely figs
    Good for you
    Thank you pigs

    My face
    It did fall
    Guinea pigs in wigs
    Got away with all

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    So you have some verse for children too, Parkinsonspoet? I wonder, is this based on a true story or just made-up fun?


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      My stepdaughter has Guinea igs but to my knowledge they have never needed a disguise

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    Cute, Pp, but those little fibbers in slippers... grrr!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Cute furryfluffiness with their ickle paws