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  • "Leavin,,


    I will be leaving, and not on a jet plane,,
    Got an uphill to climb, Some rough terrain,,

    Hey, most of us are on the down hill side,,
    Many of us on a steep downward glide,,

    I have a noble deed that I feel I must do,,
    At least now, I have some pals to come back to,,

    So I thought I'd thank you all by way of muse,,
    And you see, I feel like I can not lose,,

    There are still good people in this world I see,,
    Most are right here on Rhyme with lil' ol' me,,

    But seriously though, you are a special bunch,,
    I'll see ya when I get back, Hey let's do lunch,,

    I hope y'all "DIG" That this is something I must do,,
    There's that word "DIG", I believe age is showing through,,

    Take care y'all, and I will see ya after this lil' ride,,
    If not, Then maybe I'll see ya on the other side,,

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    God speed Robert. Looking forward to more verse upon your return.


    • Robert Wendt
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      Thank you pretty lady

    • Robert Wendt
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      I do not know if you have read this one, but someone revived it so I thought I'd show you,

      I Believe In Opie,,

      What ever happened to the simple joys we had?,,
      In watching a red headed boy and his loving Dad?,,

      Remember Mr. McBeevee, and Opie's Merry Men?,,
      Just good clean fun, I would so love to see again,,

      Andy always pickin at Barney a harmless tease,,
      And Barney bumbling through, A shaky gun, and knees,,

      We owe Goober, and Gomer so very much,,
      They gave us names to call those who are touched,,

      Have you ever had a better time in your entire life?,,
      Why every over zealous cop today is called Barney fife,

      And A Gomer today has its own definition,,
      I've known a few with savvy in critical condition,,

      Remember Andy finding Helen, and their great love?,,
      How 'bout Barney and, Thelma Lou who fit like a glove?,,

      And sweet old Aunt Bee saving the day, Who could forget?,,
      We let these good times slip away, Something I truly regret,,

      These were the good times, when the tube was on,,
      Sadly it seems these TV good times are gone,,

      Yes we now have blood, sex, death, and tears on screen,,
      What a sad turn, for this new age TV sports a horrible scene,,

      My advise? Turn off the tube, and go grab you writing tools,,
      And let those Hollywood people have it, Those nutty fools,,
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    Hope your trip goes well. Write a poem while you are there. DIG yea, you date a lot of us


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      will be waiting for your return! take care!


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        I'm sure that you will have a great poem about the experience upon your return. Be safe


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          See ya soon- can't wait to read another one of your perfect poems.


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            Read you on this side!

            And, THANK YOU!!