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  • Give Me My Roses

    The tearful reminiscing,
    the mourning
    and the missing.
    The histrionic threnodies,
    the frank and heartfelt eulogies.
    The lush bouquet,
    and ornate wreath.
    The spectre of loss
    and disbelief.
    The marble slab
    that bares my name,
    the date I left,
    and whenst I came.

    Is all for he
    who shall not see,
    the posthumous,
    who cease to be.
    Who fathom
    neither petal nor stem,
    "so give me my roses
    ...while I can smell them"
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    You have great talent Dwayne for getting to the heart of your reader. I had to look up 'threnodies'. And the sentiment spoken/written is too true - life is so fleeting. I have a friend out on the west coast who has been known to say 'Don't fly out for my funeral - come and see me while I'm still alive!' We often think we have all the time in the world to do things - and tomorrow to be kind. This poem is a great reminder to live in the moment. And here's some roses for my new friends on the zone, just in case any of us are still waiting....


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      My late a Grandma used to say this a lot.

      We were very close. The lessons she taught me, carry me through life.

      Hers is the voice I hear, in my head.

      And yes, I gave her flowers often.


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        You are truly a poet my friend. In fact I looked and on Wikipedia under poet I swear I saw your name


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          huntington-spring-2013_roses.jpg Bravo my friend


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            i truly love this poem! .. the message is direct to the point!


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              Great statement, poetically made. The ending is marvelous. Right to the point. And the setup was perfect. Well done, Dwayne.