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Voice Upon the Stair

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  • Voice Upon the Stair

    I paused with thanks to listen, to voices, on the stair
    They did not know my presence nor could they see me there
    I listened for a moment in thanks my heart did swell
    The talk and laughter lifted me as stories they did tell

    Their visiting was music to ears long time without
    The moment grace-filled mercy, of that I have no doubt
    To be with them for moments, to be with them at all
    Must be a bit like Eden in days before the fall

    Or not perhaps that perfect but earth-bound seeming so
    I cherished in this moment no thought of when they'd go
    Then as I walked around this home in which, by grace, I live
    I saw that each, in sharing, had something rare to give

    They gave with hands of service, they gave words meant for laugh
    They gave with generosity and all on our behalf
    Their love was strong and palpable, resounding to my core
    To be so loved by God and men, I could not ask for more

    And yet in boldness straining, from humble place of mine
    I pray all days, all seasons, that our wills would be Thine
    May all our lives show promise of heaven which awaits
    May all our souls be straining to reach to heaven's gates

    We pause, with thanks, to listen, to Voice wherever found
    We set our hearts and hands to work to live on holy ground
    The ground I trod was holy, that day upon the stair
    For in my family's presence, I know that God was there

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    This is a Hallmark card! Very nice RLW.


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      Thank you reading your poem has started my day in the right way


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        Thank you MHenry and Parkinsonspoet! I'd never thought of it as a card - good idea! It's a true story too - while family was visiting for my son's Eagle Court of Honor. My folks don't travel much anymore, but they were here, along with a lot of other family, and just filled the house with love. I am one blessed woman. Thanks for being receptive to my happy memories!


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          Very nice!


          • RhymeLovingWriter
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            Thanks Rach79! It brings me to a good place just to reread it! I appreciate the read and compliment!

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          SO filled with love and magic. Really, isn't love the best magic?


          • RhymeLovingWriter
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            Thank you Suz-zen for taking time to read and comment. It is definitely love that touched me and made me try to be a better person. I know not every occasion is as joyful - and sometimes 'love' gets warped into all kinds of awful - so it's special to be able to hang on to the good times too.