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"Lessons,, (Okay, Okay,, One More)

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  • "Lessons,, (Okay, Okay,, One More)


    She taught me how to live,,
    And She taught me how to give,,

    She taught me to listen,,
    And She taught me recognition,,

    She taught me to be kind,,
    And She taught me "speak my mind",,

    She taught me adoration,,
    She taught me "love creation",,

    She taught me the importance,,
    And She taught me accordance,,

    She taught me to dance,,
    And She taught me romance,,

    She taught me how to love,,
    She taught me what I'm made of,,

    About her, she had a "way",,
    Even her Doctor cried that day,,

    She left with a vision of peace,,
    She had spirit that shant cease,,

    She left this life with no fear,,
    And She shed nary a tear,,

    That day She taught me how to cry,,
    Yes, She even taught me how to die,,

    The one thing she didn't make clear?
    How I go on without her here?,,
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    lovely poem but so sad...😢


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      Absolute truth my friend, all I had to do is make it rhyme. Thank you


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          Robert, you are the master of sad. Show us something lighthearted, even if just one poem. I think you had a lot of those
          qualities in you and she brought them out.


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            "One Fine Day,,

            There was a fine day when I worked to surprise her,,
            I hacked a trail through the woods of "mine own Sher",,

            That morn she would take to the trail, She would run, and did play,,
            She amazed me as she would pick every flower along the way,,

            She loved to keep fit, even for a wretch like me,,
            She would coax me out to her new found home you see,,

            She took many photos, and proudly showed them to me,,
            To her it was Sherwood, A haven for great beauty,,

            I had no clue that she could be make to feel so much joy,,
            From the work of my hand, and the noise of mower I'd employ,,

            It was a day I shall always keep in mind dear,,
            It gave me joy to see her play, Hell, it made my year,,

            She would film the entire way through her forest green,,
            She was so happy, More so than I had ever seen,,

            It was a good day among so many she had suffered,,
            For one brief day I was able to make her pain buffered,,

            She would walk her path for every set of the sun,,
            And yes, she would wake to watch the rise of the that one,,

            She once asked me for just one day with no pain,,
            God, and my mower would provide her this gain,,

            She loved what to me was so simple, and ordinary,,
            To her it was heaven on earth, and extraodinary,,

            So easy to please, so loving, and so kind,,
            The rest of my days her love I shall keep in mind,,


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              I'd like this multiple times if there was a button for it!

            • Brainwreck
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              That is so beautiful. It is truly the small things that are so valuable. The rich will never understand. Well, maybe a little.
              I hope you post this poem again and not as a comment. It is love.

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            I cleaned it up some and added two lines but it is posted, Thank you


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              I did not know that it needed cleaning. I am going to read it tomorrow because I did not notice two extra lines.

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            Just made it a bit smoother in spots, and added two very important lines near the end that popped into my mind about that trail.. Its all fact no fiction. Like iI said I write historical fact, so there is no work to it at all save making it all rhyme.. Thank you


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              Its called "One Fine Day"


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                Profound and uplifting, Robert...


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                  Thank you Katray, You are an inspiration


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                    She taught you.

                    And you learned.

                    Well done.


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                      I was at school today so I am just getting home.. I am studying Bible and ancient manuscripts. I've always had interest but even more so now for obvious reasons. sorry for the delay