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Pee in the Shower?

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  • Pee in the Shower?

    Pee in the shower?
    Honest or not?
    Seldom occurrence?
    Everyday shot?
    Share with a stranger?
    Keep from your spouse?
    When you're away?
    In your own house?
    Combining tasks?
    Standing or squat?
    Care not a damn?
    'Fraid to get caught?
    Think I am gross?
    Maybe your troubles?
    Got a store close?
    Get Scrubbing Bubbles!

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    Very funny and sometimes true. My nephew told my sister that he did it by accident. She said it was ok, just don't do it again. And
    she is a Scrubbing Bubbles freak. So now I know. Yup, this will be emailed to her and her now almost grown son. LOL


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      Lol - oh my gosh Bob - you have me in stitches tonight. I love the thought of falling asleep with a smile on my face - a smile from all this 'pretty poetry' I'm reading as a bed-time story. Keep 'em coming!


      • Brainwreck
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        This one could also be classified as potty poetry.

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      There is something about the shower that causes one to focus on certain extremities. What happens from there is anyone's guess.


      • Brainwreck
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        You are such a tease!!!!