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"A Love That Couldn't Be,, (Inspired By Mine Own Cousin)

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  • "A Love That Couldn't Be,, (Inspired By Mine Own Cousin)

    "A Love That Couldn't Be,,

    There is not much more we can discuss,,
    I must bid thee farewell, for the two of us,,

    You have your life, I have what's left of mine,,
    Who knows, This may somehow change in time,,

    I'm battered beyond what can be fixed by word,,
    I need someone to hold, I crave my heart stirred,,

    I could use a shoulder on which to shed tears,,
    While you must make plans for the coming years,,

    I have an empty, and lonely bed in which to lay,,
    You have your children, and much brighter days,,

    You are what I am looking for, and I tell thee true,,
    You don't need a wretch like me, so I'll say adieu,,

    I am sorry with my terrors I have brought you woe,,
    So I think its the best for both of us,, If I just go,,

    I know there's a spark, but for now can't be flame,,
    I think you know I'll always love you just the same,,

    You are content with mediocre, and follow the herd,,
    I want passion, Euphoric love, For me, less is absurd,,

    I believe this life be too short to just simply settle,,
    You however seem to prefer the same old nettle,,

    Ah, What could have been, We may never know,,
    I offer a love more worthy , but I must let that go,,

    Should you change, Choose to follow your dreams,,
    I shall be in The Rockies, Where the eagle screams,,

    If not, surely you'll remember, and ponder some day,,
    The dreams, and promise, of the man you let slip away,,

    For Thy Princess,,

    There is not much moore we can break with,,
    I might not but did bid thee farewell, for the two of us,,

    Thee has't thy life, i has't what's hath left of mineth,,
    Who is't knoweth, this may somehow changeth in timeth,,

    I'm batter'd beyond what can be'est did fix by word,,
    I needeth someone to holdeth, i crave mine own heart did stir,,

    I couldst useth a shoul'ster on which to did shed tears of sorrow,,
    While thee shalt maketh devises for the coming years,,

    I has't an exsufflicate, and lonely sleep chamber in which to did lie,,
    My fond mistress has't thy children, and much brighter thee days,,

    Thou art what i am seek for, and i bid thee true,,
    Thee needeth not a wretch liketh me, so i'll sayeth adieu,,

    I hath sorrow with mine own terrors i has't hath brought thee woe,,
    I bethink its the most wondrous for both,, if to be true i simply wend,,

    I knoweth there's a sparketh, but fer anon can'st be'est flame,,
    I bethink thee knoweth i'll at each moment loveth thee just the same,,

    Thou art content with mediocre, and followeth the hurd,,
    I seeketh passion, euphoric loveth, fer me, the less is absurd,,

    I believeth this life is be'est short to let simply settleth,,
    Thee howev'r seemeth to prefer the same ole nettle,,

    Ah, what couldst has't been, we may nary knoweth,,
    I'm fear thee deserve bett'r, but i might not but alloweth yond wend,,

    Shouldst thee changeth, chooseth to followeth thy dreams,,
    I shalt be'est in The Rockies, where yon eagle doth screams,,

    If't be true not, certes thee'll remember, and ponder one yon day,,
    Thy dreams, and promiseth, of the sir thee alloweth slipeth hence away,,

    Fare Thee Well, Princess
    Last edited by Robert Wendt; 04-18-2016, 10:15 AM.

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    Raw honesty bleeding so very beautifully, Robert...ahh, a cousin, yes, I can relate..I sayeth to thee - thy steppes of stone and everlasting snow reflecting bleu of heavens and rivers near and beyond, aspens of greening, amber and golden fires, wildflowers, bears, eagles, lynxes living pure - shall unto thy aching and good soul, lead and free...


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      Well that just happened unplanned.. I do very much like the poem and hope for you the joys of peace.


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        Thank you Katray, If you were not already taken, "I wouldst purse thee with the greatest haste". (Translation,,, Basically, "I'd hound you until you gave in")


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          Robert, absolutely beautiful.

          Both insistent and self-deprecating!


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            You threaten to make me a tearful mess.


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              i enjoyed reading this one.


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                love love this! beautiful!


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                  That is so beautifully heart wrenching. I may not get all the messages in a poem but I do see most in this poem.