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  • Pasties and Pastries

    Pasties and Pastries for god sake be quiet
    Passing the bakers but am on a diet
    They call and entice beg me to go in
    Dont they realise I want to be thin.

    Cakes join in and swell the chorus
    My deterrmination seems so porous
    They have seen and recognise
    I am the one who ate all the pies

    The siren like call of the eclair
    Will bring me in its not fair
    Apple turnovers who can resist
    That is just the start of the list

    Cupcakes and brownies provide temptation
    Doughnuts with Jam a taste sensation
    All made to make your mouth water
    Do I give in lamb to the slaughter

    If they taste so good they cannot be bad
    Three in a bag a bargain to be had
    If I eat them fast no-one will know
    Eat them quickly and calories be low.

    Okay I confess I did give in
    Maybe a crime maybe a sin
    Another inch stays on my waist
    Trousers too small will need replaced

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    Hahaha! Parkinsonspoet, you are an absolute riot! Who could blame you for heeding, succumbing to, the bakery's siren call? I have demolished, even on the ride home, many a baker's delight while fresh from the oven. And I regret not one single bite, which by the way, I am lovin'.


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      I regret not one bite unfortunately my struggling trousers see it differently


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        Oh, so yummy it says to my tummy. Don't make me go buy donuts.