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Passage Into Antiquity: a sonnet

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  • Passage Into Antiquity: a sonnet

    While on a sojourn into the mountains
    I came across an old abandoned car
    With windows broken and doors on the ground
    Red rust covered its body like a scar

    How the car got there I will never know
    Maybe while on a drive the car just died
    Or was left by someone who once lived here
    Or had been driven by Bonnie and Clyde

    I committed this spot to memory
    thinking that I might return here some time
    I'd tow this car from its predicament
    And return it to its former prime

    Then noticed a skunk made the car a home
    And thought I'd be best to leave it alone.

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    I love it. I looked up sonnet and it sure has a lot of rules and a few strange words that I have to look up.
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    • cc springer
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      Hi Brainwreck. Thank you. I am learning and was my first attempt to write one and it didn't qualify under all the rules. I'll keep trying.

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    Whether or not Shakespeare would approve, I like the sonnet posted here and would not see it removed. Certainly, you made the correct decision in leaving the skunk to his home position. Thanks for sharing cc.


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      Mhenry... you made me laugh. Thank you for your comments.