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  • Unsettled

    When the bottom falls out of your world
    And turns your bathroom into a dangerzone
    One word sums up this experience
    Diarrhoea I hear you moan

    I must be a king in this world
    Bacause here I sit on the white throne
    Ruler of my own bathroom
    Diarrhoea you hear me groan

    My Royalty could be hereditory
    It runs in the family that is known
    No blueblood in my veins
    Diarrhoea seed is sown

    My stomach thinks its an acrobat
    performing gymnastics alone
    Too ambitious it gets cramp
    Diarhoea sets the tone

    I will go far but not today although i seem to be packed
    I will stay in this zone
    Got a case of Diarrhoea
    Diarrhoea luggage best left alone

    Lets have three cheers for immodium
    Relief at hand visits to bathroom can postpone
    Worst danger over get some sleep now
    Diarrhoea hopefully overthrown

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    Hi, Parkinsonpoet, Let me be first to give this two thumbs up! While the subject matter is less than appetizing, the tongue in cheek (no pun intended) description of a very uncomfortable and unsocial condition, is wonderful. Seriously, though. I have IBS and have had it for decades, so I know from whence you speak (no pun intended there, either).


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      Thank you your kind words are much appreciated


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        Oh my gosh, I am going to copy and email this to my Mother. How you made light of this particular malady is beyond me. Funny and not.