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  • ​Forever Gone

    Forever Gone

    Old wandering soul
    Ghostlike – finds eternal peace
    On snowy white wings

    Earthly charms forgot
    Spring's sweet breath on bough and bud
    Midnight owl's blink

    No more the warbling Whippoorwill
    No more the whistling wind

    No more the flitting butterfly
    No more the bristling din

    A flash of light -- then utter black
    What once was -- now forever gone

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    This is just wonderful MHenry! Every line better than the next. Thank you for sharing this, it really struck home with me...


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      I could feel the lump in my throat as I read your poem exquisite and sad at the same time. You are truly a poet who's an artist - with your words you paint the feelings with the events.


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        This has a great sense of drama, with the 'no mores' and 'utter black'. The tone is august. It feels like it's part of a larger work, perhaps epic in scope. The two haiku at the start are superb.


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          Profound; truly an emotionally evocative poem..


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            Thank you so much, all of you, for your encouraging words. Your comments are too effusive, but they give me much heart and hope.
            I must say, I often have no idea whether I have posted a quick "click and flit," or something others might enjoy.

            Because you made me feel so good this morning, and have eased my creative doubts for at least a short while, I must respond to each of you individually...

            Graydon: You have been a big supporter since I joined this group, and you have contributed your own collection of charming, thought-provoking and profound works. I am glad I could "strike you at home.!" Thank you.

            AlexandratheLate: You are a truly generous soul with a heart big enough to embrace all the world's downtrodden en masse, while still singling out every solitary soul to champion and support. Your poetry is always thoughtful, emotional, nurturing as a mother's hands, deeply sincere and uplifting. It is an example to us all. Thank you so much for feeling what I wrote, and the lump in your throat. Thank you.

            Grant: The sage, the guru, the poet saint, writing tales of incomprehensible beauty, crafted with surpassing care, vision, knowledge, wisdom, and grace, yet humble of his own mastery. Constant in his support of others, taking the time to give specific examples of the fine and enduring elements of other poets' work. His praise and keen observations, a genuine gift to those who would aspire to greater poetic heights, always given artfully and sensitively, finding more perhaps in the poet's work than the poet himself or herself could see. In a few short phrases, you have found myriad ways to honor my humble work. Thank you.

            Samuel: A late arrival, but a monumental poetic voice and a wonderful addition our poet's circle. I have admired your work from the first and am glad you are with us. The break in structure midway was a concern. Thank you for pointing it out in a positive light, and I am glad you felt something. Thank you.

            Katray: An even later arrival! Thank you for your kind words. I have also enjoyed your heartfelt and emotional work. I am pleased you are in our poet's circle! Thank you.


            • grant hayes
              grant hayes commented
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              Jeez, MHenry, your glowing appreciation leaves me bowled over! 😊 Thank you, mate, I can't help but be heartwarmed, and hope I can live up to your eloquent praise. Speaking of supporting others in their endeavours: I take my leaf out of your book, in that regard. It's a pleasure to be engaged with so many talents as they explore, perfect, and share their poetic vision.
              This is a compelling poem, MHenry with seriously artful technique: 'ghostlike' / 'snowy'; 'sweet breath of bough and bud / Midnight owl's blink'; 'bristling din'...I see what you're doing; all kinds of goodness happening! I salute!

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            The imagery here is unreal. The writing as smooth as silk. Another home run MHenry.


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              Amen, all the above. I enjoyed reading your poem.


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                Thank you Odonko-ba and Brainwreck.

                Odonko-ba: Like you, I almost did not post this. We should not be afraid to post (but, of course, we are). You have been a tremendous supporter of my work, and it is very special and meaningful to have such support. You have written some very beautiful and compelling poetry, which I and many others have enjoyed reading over these past weeks. Keep speaking your heart and developing your technique. Never be afraid to experiment. Thank you.

                Brainwreck:Your sincere and heartfelt praise of everyone in this forum, including me, is one of the things that brought us all together. You are a poet in your own right with potential for great things. We have seen it in your work. You are an observer and a learner. Two invaluable stops for progress. Thank you!