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    you came to me from cyberspace
    no face
    yet still
    ​ I sensed your smile

    In haste left click
    friends list we embraced
    and it's been that way
    for awhile
    Internet connections
    I.M's until the A.M.
    we sat and chat like that-
    over a game of dominoes
    the unknown become known
    curiosity overwhelms us
    now were chatting over the phone
    two adults
    making plans to be alone

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    You've poetically narrated my recent life story right there, Odonko-ba. Totally relatable! Thank you for sharing.


    • AlexandratheLate
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      Oh the anticipation.....isn't it delicious and unnerving at the same time!! Beautifully said as usual my poet friend.

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    I love reading this poem and the title is a kicker.


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      Sensing a smile...beautiful, intuitive- ageless emotions played out in current day style. Very nice Odonko-ba.


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        Very touching, Odonko-ba. What I love about the Internet is the possibility, sitting in your night clothes, hair in rollers, or chin stubbled, you can make a life-long connection, without a big bar tab, a hangover, and a 2:00 AM "last call" rejection.


        • AlexandratheLate
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          Yes MH. To hear other peoples ideas, dreams, hopes and even what they fight for or live for-- it is an honor to be allowed to peak into a little crack of their armor and yet to be respectful when they let you truly see.

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        Yes it is truly amazing. The people I have "met" on the web, and are now an intricate part of my life. Some I've know for several years now, and would miss them deeply if they were not. Great write. ( Just as a point of interest, growing up, we used to call such people, PENPALS....)


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          I started not to post this because I felt it corny. But something said post. You guys are fantastic. You make me feel as if I have a chance if not as a poet at least as a writer. My heart felt thanks to all of you for the never ending encouragement and support. Odonko-ba
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