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  • Happylanders

    Happylanders do not brook dissension
    Nor is slight contention thought a gem
    All desired is sweet and light suspension
    All avoided if thought 'down' to them

    Happy-landers know life is not easy
    But we must not dwell or even light
    On a thing which qualifies as queasy
    Dwell instead on things which cause delight

    Beautiful! think I in jealous wonder
    Marvelous! to focus on the fun
    Even if a life is torn asunder
    All the negativity we shun

    All those folks whose nature is too somber
    We'll endure most fleetingly for sure
    Yet quite swiftly from them we'll off-wander
    Hoping they'll find others to endure

    Even when you'd like to be admitted
    To the greatest Happyland soiree
    Doubt your view will likely be acquitted
    In the court of Happyland today

    Rest assured no judgment is forthcoming
    Never from a Happylander lip
    Even when your attitude is bumming
    And a chat with you they'd love to skip

    Still take heart my dear non-Pollyanna
    Every life admits its Eeyore - true
    If you've sung no Happyland hosanna,
    Trust in faith there's nothing wrong with you

    When you're not in Happyland by nature
    When you're born a solemn, somber Gus
    You're not wrong in any nomenclature
    And perhaps there's many more of us

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    A cheer for taciturn melancholics everywhere: huzzah!!

    This is a delight to read, Rhymist.



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    If Eeyore took a pill, he could be Winnie, too. But sometimes a pill just won't do. Anywho, I would not be surprised to hear those Happylanders have just as many downers as the Eeyores. They just disguise it with mournful mirth. Thanks for sharing RLW.