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  • Community, or Lack Thereof

    I am the American Dream

    Now that I have your attention
    Ladies and Gentlemen
    it's only right to mention
    that I have my best intentions
    in mind for Myself
    for isn't that

    I am the American Dream
    People come in the Benjamins
    I could provide a Dime a dozen apology
    for my lack of sentiment but honestly
    I'm just trying to be genuine
    I hope You like my generosity
    the Truth is hard to come by these days

    I am the American Dream
    and a self-polished narcissist
    I'm fairly confident that that was meant to be
    taken as an honest compliment
    godforsaken accomplishment
    crock of shit acknowledgement

    I am the American Dream
    relevant in my irreverence
    with a penchant for being Unpleasant or
    being Independent
    it's a matter of perspective

    I am the American Dream
    and I'll lie to you like a Politician
    tell You something like
    I don't need No One's assistance
    but in reality
    I just watch too much television

    I am the American Dream
    I'm just looking for substance
    a substance
    any substance
    so I can pull up a bong and let Her rip
    so I can use
    so I can light up my Mind's fire with
    so I can be Different with
    Me and Mine
    Me Myself and I
    I'm just looking to share
    aren't We all though

    aren't We all
    why do We all want to be Different
    I am the American Dream
    with thoughts locked up like writer's block
    talk's cheap so I speak a lot
    cost-effective at all costs
    in introspection I trust in
    God says I was made Different
    talk's cheap so we speak a lot

    I am the American Dream
    I carry all my weight on my shoulders
    because my feet soldier forward
    toward what I fear to ponder
    onward sans regard for sonder
    wander through the night sky

    looking for a Constellation
    I am the American Dream
    the master of none
    so I oughta dabble
    I fought so
    I can handle
    this, I don't need No One else


    I am the American Dream
    once I forgot I don't need no one else
    because no one needs no one else
    I won't be making that mistake again anytime soon
    with no one else
    having said that
    I am the American Dream
    and I am

    having said that
    I am the American Dream
    aren't we all though

    aren't We all

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    I found this compelling from start to end. You succeeded in what you set out to do, Jakob Hess: you were honest and genuine, and I think you've been very skilful in expressing that. Thank you for sharing this!


    • Jakob Hess
      Jakob Hess commented
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      Thank you Grant! Your comment is weighted all the more by your skill