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  • Drinking Beer

    There was a time when drinking beer,
    is what I craved and held so dear.
    I'd party well into the night,
    and sometimes 'til the morning's light.

    But now that I am seventy,
    and memories flow steadily.
    I wonder after all these years,
    why I threw back all of those beers?
    Last edited by BobGrantKC; 04-14-2016, 08:49 AM.

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    Hi Bob,
    I love those three snapshots of memories you put down, Weather Forecast and Benchseat and this one. Simple and effective, made me smile.
    If I may be so bold (roosters usually are), might your last lines not flow better if you said "But now that I am seventy" and "...all of those beers"? And just a comma after steadily. So there, hope you don't mind.


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      Not at all - thank you. I made your suggested corrections.


      • Roosterrhymes
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        Oh, thanks, I'm honored.