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I Won’t Forget

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  • I Won’t Forget

    I won’t forget
    How the night drowned me
    How the afternoon mocked me
    How the morning whipped me
    Wake up every morning with a whip on my back
    Picking cottons in the afternoon, I could smell the food but all I could taste was my faith’s twisted sense of humor
    Close my eyes in the night for a second, and I would drown in the dark
    I didn’t have a future

    I won’t forget
    How the night escaped me
    How the afternoon stayed still
    How the morning killed me
    Wake up every morning, and I become suicidal
    Picking cottons in the afternoon felt like an eternity
    I tried to sleep at night, but it went very quick and felt like a short film
    I prayed for revival

    I won’t forget
    Used as a bait to catch alligators
    Yep, it happened right there in Florida
    By my own caretaker
    Why did it have to be africa?
    But when you google me all you see is a warrior
    I guess even the internet isn't truthful
    The lies gave birth to a false character
    But I will never have a conclusion

    I won’t forget
    Still happens today
    I wear black everyday
    But how come when you do, it’s a different story
    You don’t have to walk around being worried
    You don't have to wonder if today is your last day on earth
    But I keep walking forth
    Just so I don’t have to see my mama cry
    Over my meaningless life
    I can’t forget
    When you are part of serious crime you still get a hug
    And I know you walk away a freeman
    But when I am born, the doctor calls me a thug
    That’s my first name, I can’t understand

    I won’t forget
    Open a book, true history is on the last page
    It has been ripped
    I was filled with very deep rage
    It has been modified with
    I knew that wasn’t the real story
    It is meant to brainwash the ignorant
    I won’t call that my history
    My real history plays a dangerous instrument
    But why hesitate to teach no matter the delivery
    The truth cannot be modified for the heart to be satisfied
    History is not meant to be fairy tale or a mystery
    No matter how bad the sound we should just play it
    Make something better out of it
    Perfection is just an evil intention
    Imperfection is a benefit
    Teach real story not your own invention
    Because those who learn lie
    Will learn how to teach it
    Which is why I will write real history
    And it won’t be on the last page
    That is my true glory

    I won’t forget
    How you helped
    How you sacrificed your life for one as meaningless as mine
    You took a shot
    You helped me gain victory
    That is how I felt
    It was enough, even a lot
    You made me feel that I was part of this country
    We both shed red blood on this very lot
    This not my, but our history

    I won’t forget
    Just because I won’t forget
    Does not mean I hate you
    Just because I won’t forget
    Does not mean I hold a grudge against you
    And I say “you” not to make you feel guilty
    And I say “I” not because I am conceited
    But because we are our ancestors
    We walk the same path as them for a reason
    It is not that complicated
    So saying “get over it”
    Is just another term for “nobody cares”
    They’re the reason for our heart beat
    The reason we shed tears
    For honoring their death is not a death wish
    It’s the birth of a star
    And the death of an ignorant mist
    We see them fly to heaven
    Like shooting stars
    So we become one and they a lesson

    I won’t forget
    I try to understand why
    So I put my feet in your shoes
    Then I realized that
    Anyone with power is willing to make
    Someone with nothing suffer
    But I want you to try and fit your feet in my shoes
    How would you feel if that was you?
    So don’t forget

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    Great message and well put. I loved the imagery, good job!


    • Hawa Diawara
      Hawa Diawara commented
      Editing a comment
      thank you very much for reading my poem Darthvader

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    It was my pleasure