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Puff, Puff, Pass, it's not tough

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  • Puff, Puff, Pass, it's not tough

    Rhymezone 2016 poetry contest

    Puff, puff, pass, it’s not tough
    Mind filled with smoke
    Eyes filled with blood
    Throat filled with choke
    Blame filled with fault

    Mind on that kryptonite
    Eyes been hypnotized
    One puff and a throat full of smoke
    One step in the store, wallets already broke

    Mind with no control
    Free from pain

    A world with dreary eyes
    The road is stained

    A mouth with cracked jokes
    No one can understand

    Blind faults, blaming GOD
    Everyone becomes mad

    A brain too dead to function
    Lungs that cease conscience

    face becomes monstrous
    Ears filled with no remorse

    No need for knowledge
    College is just a bluff
    A victim, fallen hostage
    Puff,puff, pass, it’s not tough

    A brain, a mind with no sense
    No need to reminisce

    Lungs that’s been blockaded
    Free from air bringing pain

    Face becomes emotionally dark
    Cigar has become a mask

    Shut out from the world that’s become so loud
    Married to the devil, made a new vow

    A backstory that kills
    The soul remains alive
    Smoke helps the soul die
    Helping the victim relax
    Sleep for eternity
    Being dead is all that’s left
    In a world where the tiniest insect suffers
    Being caught in the hands of stress
    Death is like a den mother
    And smoke the godmother
    They take the pain away
    Doing the exact opposite of mother
    Life, that never lies
    The truth is upfront
    And she has many allies
    Out on the hunt
    Cigar has become a friend
    Smoke a tent
    Puff, puff, pass, it’s not tough

    Heart filled with hate
    Cries filled with fear
    Throat filled with whole
    A world emptied of hope

    Throwing out unwanted feelings
    Scared to care, treating one’s self as a leech
    No need for words, just a glimpse of grimace
    Memories and goals all erased, no trace

    Heart that’s too dark to shine
    Emptied chest left with a scar

    A sea full of blood
    Drowning in the flood

    Throat with a whole
    Bullet to the world

    Holding on two strings of hope
    Hell or heaven, which one will become home?

    A connected community
    connected by smoking diseases
    A success at killing a million generations
    A failure at saving a nation
    Beginning of a small problem
    Much anxiety
    Turned gigantic
    A problem that none but nicotine can fix
    Death to society
    Danger to all
    An animal kingdom, cancer is at risk
    Pets are ephemeral
    Taking 1, 2,3...days out a life
    Making it hard to thrive
    For a community that smiles
    A world filled with poisonous seeds
    Spreading, hopefully fading

    Holding on an ashtray
    Wanting to become ash

    Smoking tobacco
    Wanting to escape

    Sitting there making rounds
    Wanting to be found

    Puff, puff, pass, it’s not tough
    Exhale and the whole process repeats
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