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  • "Just Me"

    "Just Me,,

    Damn, I just found out "I'm a dime a dozen"
    I think I'll go stick my head in the oven,,

    How can it be that I in a blink I can feel great?,,
    Yet in another instant, I'm hanging from a gate?,,

    I try to be honest, and I try to be true, and kind,,
    But these days that's not what's sought, or fine,,

    So please kill me know, because I just don't fit,,
    You see I am the odd ball that gives a she-it,,

    Hey out there! Can someone please tell me why?,,
    Each day I live is just another day I want to die?,,

    If it were not for bad luck, I'd have none at all,,
    I always have a fifty fity chance, Yet miss the ball,,

    Morality is out, I'm outta style, a relic from long ago,,
    I guess I'm lost, I guess I never received the memo,,

    W.T.F. can I possibly do to get someone to see?,,
    I still have love to give, I NEED someone to agree,,

    I put out the effort, but apparently toil to no avail,,
    I'm gonna ship my ass out with the other junk mail,,

    I'm sorry folks, but a cheat, a jerk, I just can not be,,
    That's about it, That's my way, but I guess that's just me,,

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    i like this...nice work Robert. I like the irony of this poem.


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      Its a true story, No fiction here.. I spelled one of the "Fifty"'s wrong so I had to repost. Its the O.C.D. in me I guess. But I thank you none the less... Take care


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        Yet, another poem I find interesting. I though I found a spelling error, but it may have been on purpose. fifty fity chance. I like it either way. Nan


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          I guess I was in too much of a hurry. Thank you Nan, your critique is always welcome. God Bless


          • Brainwreck
            Brainwreck commented
            Editing a comment
            Hey, look up and see how I misspelled t on the end. I still would like it either way, but I love
            made up words