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    Prefer to Rhyme and stimulatin,’
    my brain to keep a perculatin’.
    Taking words from here and there,
    and blend them seeing how they fare?

    Make a statement – share a thought,
    or just write and meaning squat.
    Make the words float straight along,
    really ain’t no right or wrong.

    Found this place by accident,
    might become a main event.
    Hope I don’t provoke your boredom,
    what I place on “This Here Forum?”

  • #2
    I really like this poem. I throw my words at the plaster to see if any of it sticks. And they do come from here and there.
    I also found this forum by accident. I have been here 5 weeks. This is a safe place. The poetry and the comments
    have taught me so much so quick. I have a long way to go, but some of the people who have helped me are way
    above and over my head. It is so nice that they take the time to give me a hand up.

    Oh, your Title got me to read. I can't keep up with everything.


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      Thank you for your comments and I agree 200%.