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  • Call Her Mother

    Call her Mother to take her to the doctor
    She takes way too many drugs
    If he can't fix her we will do an intervention.
    I have cut back on my meds, like you said.
    Uncle said he wanted to see the old me.
    I left for college and parts of me died.
    I moved far away to not see y'all so much

    I can wear my Game Face but only for a few days at a time.
    Now I moved back, and my family knows me more.
    Call her Mother to come down and take her to the doctor.

    Rhymezone offered a contest.

    Disorganized schizophrenia was the guess
    there is no blood test, they give a verbal test
    same as a dementia test (guess) I tried and I guessed ........ blest
    I flunked so badly I was stressed dress ...........blessed arrest
    too much had happened, I was oppressed
    He said that I did not seem depressed
    but something new must be addressed
    he changed the medicine cocktail that I injest
    come back in a month, we'll finish this quest
    I laughed, but my mother said it was not a joke or a jest
    ADD, bipolar mood disorder anxiety changed
    diagnoses to schizoaffective he expressed
    I was much better and my speech less pressed
    I didn't notice going down. but now I see how much I was messed............... contest best chest breast possessed obsessed compressed nest
    I was much more less distressedppressed
    and realized I had 5 years of IRS mess.
    I don't work anymore, but me and my money the IRS will divest
    The mental disorder was the cause of all this mess
    It was not theft or dishonestness
    My diagnoses will hopefully get rid of IRS interest
    Only the first 2 of 5 years did I have gains, but none to invest
    Maybe this IRS agent in her quest
    realize that disability is next
    and give me a life vest.
    How in the world did I get into this mess?
    Mental ills sometimes takes decades to diagnose and address.

    Now I am trying to swim to the brim with a limb the dim looks grim, gym to slim skim trim maybe a whim hymn to Him
    Just shut up pup a chagrin grin for a less has been.
    fallacious lubricious lecherous lascivious toxic topic neurologic biologic tragic magic quixotic

    clang, word salad, word romaine to gain rain brain rhyme thyme time rime rhymezone is my friend best.

    I want to rappel then fly off the mountain hanggliding. handgliding handholding hands of Nan.

    You must be joking me
    if you think you'll be dosing me

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    Pitiful. Huh?


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      Wow! I wish I had your tenacity.


      • Brainwreck
        Brainwreck commented
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        Showing disorganized thought and speech. More later when I write.....Schizamples

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      *Drops mic*


      • Brainwreck
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        I don't understand what you are saying. Can you elaborate for me?