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My daughter's photography-- The Cardinal---Accompnied by a short poem by Moi

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  • My daughter's photography-- The Cardinal---Accompnied by a short poem by Moi

    I invite you to write an additional verse

    The Cardinal Rules

    His majesty sits perched on his throne cloaked in royal red
    the crown he wears so deserving, we're fortunate in his stead
    A messenger from the spirit world, spanning celestial realms
    he carries with him wisdom pearls, worthy of his helm....

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    The quite beckons a peaceful bliss
    As he sits upon his perch in ruminations
    His mind can't fanthom what his heart already knows
    He sits and wait patiently
    Drunken on tears of libation
    Staring into the distance
    Hoping that one day perhaps
    His love resurface


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      Lovely Odonko. So many Cardinals cloaked in Rhyme.........


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        Hey, my write is ok but my daughter's photography? "Not for nuthin" as they say in Brooklyn, she nailed it! And so did Odonko!


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          Sitting pretty in his perch upon the bough
          Flashing crimson, mate awaiting now
          Spectacle of most audacious hue
          Gracing us with most resplendent view

          And your daughter did a wonderful job capturing this shot - thank you for sharing it!


          • Bobby Del Boy
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            RLW,wonderful and so much fun! A nice collaboration we have going here.

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          My hand that gently reaches, sings a song of discontent
          as he rises, gently leaping, to the sky was his ascent
          and I am left here with the musty smell of earth and gnarled tree
          but I shall always carry in my heart the moment he sang for me.

          (c) Sumyanna 2016

          Gorgeous poetry, I must say and beautiful image. I tried to add an image but it only allowed it to be thumbnail size. I tried and I tried - and then gave up. Gorgeous share!


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            Sumyanna, you did not disappoint. Wonderful verse


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              Great photo, BDB. Congratulations to your daughter!

              The Contemplative, Yet Insecure Cardinal

              Am I pretty?
              Am I too red?
              Why am I alone?
              I look like a raccoon.
              Is the black mask a cruel joke?
              Do you think I'm too stubby?
              Is anyone listening?


              • MHenry
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                I think the picture made a great prompt, and I wanted to do something a little different. I am glad you enjoyed it, BDB and RLW!

              • Parkinsonspoet
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                When you talk we all listen wondering whether we will laugh or cry? Will you engage the emotions or the intellect but always worth listening to on at least one level. Stubby masked maybe but respected definitely

              • MHenry
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                Thank you, Pp. You are too kind. You have a voice full of humor and wisdom, which has attracted quite a following!

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              Great photo

              A lady in red
              She said
              A bird in the tree
              is completely free
              but could be lonely
              Thats why it says hush
              because its in a rush
              and wiggles its tush
              to attract another to its bush


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                Parkinsonspoet, now that is one hairy ending! Great addition to the collaboration


                • Parkinsonspoet
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                  As its a cardinal I thought it might commit the cardinal sin knowing that one bird in hand is worth two in the bush I felt a scarlet lady mght be seeking a mate.

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                Oh, yiu are different MH! Like a Red Raccoon!


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                    This reminded me of my poem about the cardinal banging against my window and singing his little heart out. Love the pic and everyone's writing. :-)