It's not finished and a mess, but here are some parts from a poet I'm working on.

Is this supposed to be
Why on earth would you
Ever even think
About choosing me?
You can't complete a sentence without a curse
But your words make me think longer and harder
Than everything else in the universe
You're not even remotely funny in any way
But you make me smile and laugh everyday

My feelings towards you are cristal clear
They are... I mean... well...
You can ask me about it next year

I'm almost sure this is not love
You're mindless garbage
That I want to get rid of
This feels like a déja vú
But strangely enough
I already forgot what to do

No I'm immune for your charms
It will never work
I (don't) want you in my arms
Every guy you talk to makes me insane
You think I'm Tarzan but I think
You're the hairier Jane
I rather drink bleach
Than hold hands
And kiss on the beach
I rather vote for Donald Trump
Than admit I like you
I mean... you can get....
You can get an awkward fistbump

Yes, it's an awkward mess and I don't know how this story is gonna end. Updates soon!