A world agreed upon
Free from hate
Free from hunger
Free from power
Free from debate

A world agreed upon
A bomb becomes a flower
Blood is no longer a threat
W-A-R becomes solely an alphabet
Loving is the ultimate power

A world agreed upon
Gun shooting stars
Terrorists becoming allies
One’s story becomes everyone’s memoir
Isolation itself says “socialize”

A world agreed upon
Tobacco becomes sweet candy
A diversity becomes a unity
Money becomes water
Time becomes nonexistent

A World agreed upon
Free from jealousy
Free from color
Free from gender
Free from knowledge

A world agreed upon
A world where everyone is deaf and blind
Like the dead
If Heaven was a world agreed upon
No need to burn
Hell is nonexistent
We would be whole and happy to die
no need to be sad if anyone were to die
But what’s the point of life if everyone wants to die

A world agreed upon