The fire in my eyes
And they are fry
The light in my pride
Made them lose their sense of sight
My haughtiness
Pokes at their bulkiness
I hunt for my prey
Even in the dark
While they stray
Like dogs with no remarks
My canines in my jaw
Reap and tear their homestead law
My claws can be stretched
But they will be drawn back
My rough tongue
Scrapes off their manly image
My fur is a camouflage
To their untold lies
My unique whiskers
Makes them linger
I am no longer a sistah
My tail is no longer raised
For I don’t need another shadow
So I just flick it
My sense of smell
Makes them call for help
As my sense of hearing
Knows the sound of painful yelp
Now they’re all aware
I don’t play the dare
I just play my fair
King of the beasts
I could act the least
But I stay majestic
Society tries to kill me
But I remain high in numbers
Rich in power
Made from fire
They tried to burn me
But I remained cute
So hot I can see their teardrops
So bold I can see their heads bowed
They tried to chain my beauty
But did they forget I am infinity?
A hero to ignorance
A thousand cowards
I’m not hungry
Power is my golden frame
My roar is louder than theirs
Turns out they weren’t lions
This my empire
I am my own provider