Looking back at the past relationship I've had
I question why I stayed when it was so bad
The only conclusion I can draw; he had me hook line and sinker
Controlled confined from life, no more an original thinker
I thought as I saw what he was doing and I was in control
But his manipulative ways eventually took there final toll
No confidence left, no opinion that could be shared
His dissatisfaction from that I wouldn't be easily scared
But just when he thought he had me in a shadow of who I was before
I rebelled thought screw you and I'm not taking anymore
I’ll never forget his face drop as I packed to leave
Set free from his confinements I was finally freed
It makes me laugh his attempts to win me back
That is a misery is something I couldn't again hack.
That ex significant other is the one that makes you question why?
Why didn't I see it sooner why prolong something that’s set to die?
Why did I waste my time building a bond that’s sure to break?
My wasted efforts to make it work a truly a big mistake
I have learnt from the heart ache and emotional torment
One vital Fact Ive taken from it all; not to need accent
Accent to the way I live my life or my choice in opinions that I have
I wish him all the misery I endured and his conscience to never be salve.
If only I had, had a warning of what he's like and what I should expect
I’m pretty sure it would of sounded something like the following txt
Your life is not your own no more you should put my feelings first
Ill take away your confidence
Self worth will day each day
Acknowledgment will be received its done my way
Your tastes will change to fit my likes and when your spirits gone..
I will continuously put you down and convince you that your wrong
Cut you off from your friends
Socially confined
Overtime il take it all, but never be satisfied.