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To my sister

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  • To my sister

    We have not got a lot of memories that are fond
    Do not share the norms of a family bond
    Lacking shared memories seen as fond Of times that we were happy for once
    Tied by blood shared a home so differently raised You unnoticed and my misbehaviour praised
    Discarded me as a wayward child
    From how you’ve reacted with what ive compiled
    Compiled a basis to resent you
    You’ve never been there from all I've been through
    You’ve had a way of always making me feel guilty
    From adolescence to adulthood its now hit me
    Cause all that ive done you couldn't do
    Never would you or could you
    My previous affection has gone and retracted
    A true callous nature is what you’ve contracted
    You couldn't even begin to empathise
    The loss I felt when mum met her demise You only focused on monetary gain
    Not showing any sadness did you Lorraine?
    I was in severe shock losing mum so quick
    The wrong time to pressurise me that you’d pick Live and let live so they do say
    But your attitude has caused me such dismay
    I can not forgive and forget so damn easy
    No contact is something that will Please me
    Even the last time we spoke Sparked more anger you’d provoke
    Unable to recall is it two years or three That mum had been gone, disrespect really
    The cold hard truth you wouldn't be able to bear
    So I will leave you to do what you do best, not to care.