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Deceit my sin

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  • Deceit my sin

    What I've become I really despise
    My life compiled of deceit & lies
    Empty words lacking truth
    A deceptive nature stemmed from youth
    No feelings of guilt nor remorse felt
    Lying with ease not a moment dwelt
    Exceptionally tangled web weaved
    Ensuring stories are concise and believed
    People see my potential which Will inevitably die
    I will be the one in which all could rely
    There's no spark left; the excitement’s gone
    The first felt enthusiasm decreased to none
    The more trust I obtain, the less praise I receive
    I battle the instincts that want to deceive
    Trust is earned and once this is reached ;
    that gained trust will soon be breached
    expectations not met; excused by deceit
    I long for my recreational retreat.
    I could say I am sorry but it is always lie
    I cant be arsed anymore , why should I try.2001