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(First post here) Go Ffck Yersef

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  • (First post here) Go Ffck Yersef

    This is my first post here and I would like to post this mess, called Go Ffck Yersef, I don't really know how poetry works so I just give my own twist to it (BEWARE: MATURE LANGUAGE)

    Hey guys I just wanna say-
    (what did he say?)
    Yeah sorry I am not always easy to understa-
    (could you repeat that?)
    (You don't have to scream geez)
    *sigh*, alright

    Let me twist my tonque
    I jump over this fence and crash your plans
    Like some dense clash of clans fans
    In my defense my lines make sense
    But no money so no cents
    White men can't rap?
    Don't call me Eminem I'm no candy
    Call me Gandhi that comes in handy
    To be or not to be si senor
    Can't you endure my sick lines?
    I'm in a conflict with some fresh white shit
    Didn't predict that I would picked and licked it
    I guess I am a strict mintaddict
    There was a girl and I would've want to test her and
    I blessed her because Esther Sylvester
    Came in my church after I undressed her
    Much faster than a molester could do it
    (and he is from the wester)

    Oh well you shoudn't make fun of me because
    Go ffck yersef
    Go ffck yersef
    Here's some lighting so you can
    Go sstrck yersef
    Go sstrck yersef

    Backs full of cracks wax it with wax
    If that method lacks smash it with an axe
    Relax but if you can't blow instruments anymore well that sax
    Get that earwax outta yo ear and watch Ajax (francis) on imax
    I read a red book about reading red weed leaves
    Spread it across the bed read it out loud
    And wake up the dead with clingy death treats
    (sweet/sour depends on the hour)
    With air collected in my lung I sung
    Augh shit never mind I bit my tongue
    I give up this ain't fun I'm so fucking done
    Watch me whip while I trip for censorship
    I can't cuss in this videoclip
    Take a sip while I slip a snip
    Holy ship! I gave just the tip
    Don't be all cynical yes it's stereotypical
    JK the situation is not that critical

    I stutter like I'm a machine With a eh-eh-eh-error
    Class presentations are Just teh-teh-teh-terror
    They make me go up in class I pass
    And start to blush look at my crush's bush
    My blood goes in a rush
    To my white painting brush
    The biggest slut here does everything for attention
    Her hair has more fat than a McDonald's fan convention
    If she hugs you you can feel the tension
    Time doesn't fly by it feels like I'm waiting
    For an Half-life 3 extension
    She dresses like a humblebee
    Her face is like clickbait
    But make the C and L a D
    fuck a moment of silence
    I want a moment of violence
    I'm scared scarred taken apart
    Begin began shaken from the start
    while I rip a wicked fart

    Oh well you shoudn't make fun of me because
    Go ffck yersef
    Go ffck yersef
    I'll give you some warm milk and a blanket so you can
    Go ttck yersef
    Go ttck yersef

    Yes, it's a mess, but I hope you enjoyed it. Please consider that English isn't my mother tongue.

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    This is a good start. If you check out more poet rap, it might help refine your style a little bit, as well as your transitions within each stanza. Good stuff.