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  • Forgive me mom

    Clouded, hazy memories, laced with my regrets.
    Broken prayers and promises, I wish I could forget.
    You never miss the water, until the well runs dry.
    Tears are for the weak, till your the one who cries.
    I told her that I'd be there, when I got the chance.
    I never knew that our lives are patterned in advance.
    Daisey chains and gum drops, songs of "Honah Lee",
    "Little Jackie Paper", turned out to be me.
    Well Dragons live forever, but not those precious few.
    The ones who truly loved us, the Angles such as you.
    I know I never took the time, now the time has past.
    I can not change the outcome, now the dies been cast.
    I offer now, these simple words, their all I have to give.
    Your death has finially taught me, a better way to live.
    I am a better person, I just wanted you to know.
    Forgive me for not telling you, how much I loved you so.

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    A beautiful poem in honor of your mother.


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      Never wait to tell someone you love them........


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        what a beautiful poem Archer!


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          imrogue I was so excited to see Graydon's name back in the queue. Then a double whammy reading this incredible tribute to his Mom. We all miss you Graydon.
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            Heartbreakingly honest, artful poetic rhyme and metre, wonderful tribute.


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              very good read.
              a few minor corrections, Angels* maybe?
              an apostrophe between die and s?

              "there" is more sensible to say than "their", because the latter denotes possession, and the former means 'there something is'.

              great read, I still have my mother and we still have our ups n downs. im trying to get out of the house, finally; I am sure anyone knows how it is to love someone so much, and then the poignancy brought up after realizing that, as Donnie Darko so manically put it (truthful): every living thing dies alone.

              thank you for sharing. I am glad to read.