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The Flavor of Words!

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  • The Flavor of Words!

    Almost Dr. Seuss inspired.
    Thoughts and critiques welcomed.

    The Flavor Of Words!:

    Words have a flavor, so to speak,
    They tickle your tongue and chew your cheeks
    And they flip and flop around your mouth place,
    Slipping and sliding into an ear space,
    Two little places on the side of your head!
    Where nasty flavors can stay and spread!
    Some words are sweeter than others, true,
    They can make you laugh, or lead you askew!
    They taste so sweet till you reach the center--
    Then sour tastes overwhelm the splendor!
    They rattle and bounce around your brain,
    And storm and cause a mental strain.
    But sweet words are clean skies and sunshine,
    They invite sweeter words and peace of mind.
    So taste your words as they leave your face!
    Give some other people sweet words to taste!

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    Bon Appetite! A new meaning for eating your words. Food for thought This was a fun read.