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​Poetical Inspiration Gone Mad

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  • ​Poetical Inspiration Gone Mad

    Poetical Inspiration Gone Mad

    She walked until the midnight sun
    met with the morning moon
    tree-shadows danced to Bowie
    - heroes died too soon;

    Madness can be silent…. but still.... it takes its toll
    - broken pencils and unfilled notebooks
    littered the stormy ground
    as a fibonacci clock spiral'd backwards
    not making any sound…

    Drumbeat, heartbeat
    bittersweet retreat
    her hair grew like Posidonia
    tumbling to her feet
    tendrils changing color
    sea-green to blue marguerite
    Drumbeat, heartbeat
    line repeat…

    Destiny married design
    shotgun wedding on the hill
    Humpty tripped them over
    and down they came like Jack n Jill
    and the fibonacci clock spiral'd backwards
    as the midnight sun met with the morning moon
    a celestial fiddle played and angels swooned
    Madness can be silent…. but still.... it takes its toll
    as she met the with midnight sun
    on a night dark and cold.
    Poetry & Art - SharonleeGoodhand©17-Jan-16

    *blue marguerite: hairy South African or Australian sub-shrub with blue-rayed daisy-like flowers.
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    Oooh! Very cool image you've paired with this. And I love the idea of the clock spinning backward in time. (Don't we all wish for that to happen, sometimes...) Lovely quick pace in the lines:

    Drumbeat, heartbeat
    bittersweet retreat

    Lot's to appreciate in this freestyle verse (and now, I guess I've answered my own question!)

    Bowie fan here, too... how sad was that last week? We've lost a creative soul who, I'm sure, had many more ideas that he just didn't have the time to share.


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      Sharonlee, your image of the clock's hands in reverse reminded me of a song I wrote a couple of years ago. I posted The Broken Hands of Time, and would love to get your impressions of that piece! I was struggling to get the audio link working last night, but—thanks to the efforts of one of my teens—it's up and working now.


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        I'd love to listen... I'm getting ready for college at the moment, so I'll happily listen when I return.