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A Hard Pill to Swallow

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  • A Hard Pill to Swallow

    Xarelto, Xanaax, Eliquis and Viagra.
    Otezla, Xantax, Prevnar and Humira.
    Warfarin, Prevnar, Chantix and Farxiga.
    Prevacid, Celebrex, Otezla and Victoza.

    The promise of relief in a little pill.
    If the disease doesn't get you the side effects will.
    If you've got a headache take a few Advil.
    The thirty second commercial from a druggie shill.

    A four hour erection, call your doctor at once.
    For your protection, you think they have a hunch?
    Do not take this pill if problems with your liver.
    And when you get the bill, your heart and head will quiver..

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    This one had me laughing!

    If the disease doesn't get you the side effects will.
    — yup. sadly, true.


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      Piper, the laughter always wins in the end. Thanks for reading, commenting and smiling....


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        Your sense of humour in this poetry is rather well put together and quite descriptive. I have no idea how you pull it because I have never heard of such terms like humira,farxiga, my life before but you sure did nailed it...thumbs up


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          Ha Ha Kate! I watched those damn commercials for so long, I started recording their names on my phone and declared: I'M WRITING A POEM ABOUT THEE DANG DRUGS! Thanks for reading and commenting my poet friend....


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            As one colleague to another my diagnosis of this poem is great


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              Hey Glen, HOW THE HELL ARE YA! Thanks for the diagnosis my poet friend. And there's only good side effects. It won't be long before baseball's back!!!!!!!!!


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                Inundated with drug sham commercials... I need an Advil now!


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                  Ha too good! I love the extra long list of possible side effects to possibly help one ailment.not really it's totally ridiculous. But I do take Advil lol


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                    You forgot to mention the side effects Bobby....

                    WARNING: Side effects may include: headache, nausea,

                    vomiting, dizziness, cardiac arrhythmia, arteriosclerosis, darkened stool,

                    high sugar, low sugar, no sugar, varicose veins large, hive-like swelling

                    on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or sex organs,

                    hoarseness, lower back or side pain, pain or tenderness around the eyes

                    and cheekbones, painful or difficult urination, stuffy or runny nose,

                    divorce, feral cats, and slaps from total strangers.

                    Top shelf Bobby...


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                      Homeopathy is the answer Rach. Thanks for stopping by friend


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                        Lol Graydon, that was the sequel. It s also amazing how quickly you came up with all this info. Thanks for enhancing the post friend


                        • graydon archer
                          graydon archer commented
                          Editing a comment
                          It's was easy... just looked at some of the ones listed on some of the meds in the cabinet.....

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                        Ha ha ha! We're out of our minds in a good way.


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                          Hahaha, great write, BDB. I watched a commercial like this just yesterday. The woman with the angel's voice went on for an eternity describing the potential side effects. No one in their right mind should put that thing in their mouth!


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                            I often feel like this when I see these commercials!