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  • (The demon inside)

    I wrote this a few years ago and never shown it to anyone.
    I just want to hear people's thoughts about it.

    In her heart she knew she was being deceived
    But all she could do was only believe
    They loaned her the world, anything she could achieve
    But she had a few tricks up her own sleeve

    They watched as she danced, putting them all in a trance
    She faked a smile, if only they gave her a second chance
    They tried to trick her and trade her for a cheap romance
    She screamed and fraught as they tore off her pants

    Only if they saw what was about to be done
    She smiled and laughed, she knew she had won
    They stared at the fit of laughter thinking, what was so fun
    It was too late once they realized it they were stunned

    She started bleeding from her mouth, she bled from her eyes
    They didn't know what to do, they all were surprised
    It was all over now and she started to play with her prize

    She ripped off ones head, the others watched in horror as their friend bled
    She snickered and grinned, as the tears that weren't blood started to shed
    They couldn't move they were frozen, but one got up and fled
    That one she was going to save for last, after the others were dead

    Limbs were torn, hearts ripped out, she twitched and turned
    She used them a test subjects, she was careful to watch and learn
    She watched them scream, she watched the bodies squirm
    When she was done her lips were like a line, they were firm

    Her eyes rimmed with red, this is what they deserved
    The duty was done, her time was served
    Then everything started to change, the whole world curved
    They put her in handcuffs, she was numb she didn't say a word

    She dared not to try and fight
    Now knowing she would be alright
    She was free, no demons in sight
    She got it back, her once peaceful life