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  • Birthday Wishes

    I sit perfectly still in the freezing cold booth.
    As my mind wanders searching for a fountain of youth.
    I wish to live forever so I never have to live at all.
    I wish to live forever so I can stand alone years after hope is lost.
    I wish to breath the air fogged by first hand smokers.
    I wish to weep and gasp at the hands of a thousand jokers.
    I wish to share a two bedroom apartment with my children's children.
    I wish to live to see a million.
    I want to live forever because,
    death is scarier than growing up.
    "Blow out the candes!"
    "But I'm not ready yet?"
    "Doesn't matter."

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    Better way to impress with special one to wish on Birthday..

    “I knew this gift would make you smile,
    It’s perfect for your many adventures,
    Now you can take a bite out of life,
    With a pair of brand-new dentures."

    Special Birthday Wishes to you dear friend..


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      Happy Birthday !!!!

      h e a r t