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The turkey hunt

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  • The turkey hunt

    Dressed in camo from my head down to my toes
    Stealth, I’m a predator, covertly moving slow
    Slowly stalking like a poet, searching for a word
    Sneaking like a cat, to avoid the eyesight of a bird

    The quarry, feathered Tom, his eyesight it is keen
    Razored edged and sharpened, a gobbling machine
    But he hasn’t seen me, I got here ahead of him
    Now I lay in ambush, below the forest limbs

    Among the bushes, just sprouting natures green
    Overlooking pastel pasture, against a tree I lean
    Sure to standout, in his feathered coat of brown
    I’ll be waiting for him, should he come around

    In the hallow, his gobble rings to me like thunder
    My heart beats faster as the stillness breaks asunder
    Speck to me, answer back, I begin to work the call
    Do I sound to him a hen, will he answer back at all

    The waiting seems eternal, maybe now a purr
    Perhaps a pluck or cluck or should I wait my turn
    There it is his gobble, he’s moving closer now
    Were really talking turkey, at least as I know how

    At last his silhouette etched against the timber line
    Dare not move a muscle, got the gun up just in time
    Just a few more yards, he’s going to be in range
    I ease the safety off the gun, prepare to take dead aim

    Sweet beads on my forehead, excitement fills my veins
    Has I squeeze the trigger, for one moment to explain
    Somewhere birds are singing and squirrels all play in bliss
    There’ll be no turkey dinner, because I shot and missed

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    Divot, I thought you said you didn't do nature? The turkey got away but I was with you the whole time. Another Gem!


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      Thank you Bobby. Some people feel the rain ,others just get wet.


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        Life is one big rhyme divot.


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          Tis the season


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            I gobbled that one up now I am stuffed with rhyme