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Happy Humpday by BobyDelBoy(Boe Burke}

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  • Happy Humpday by BobyDelBoy(Boe Burke}

    Happy Humpday.....
    What will it take to get over the hump,
    get up off the couch, no longer a lump.
    Out the door with a jog and a jump, ...
    as you give yourself five and a confident
    fist pump.

    Imagine yourself as Rocky Balboa,
    your moving faster no time for slower,
    you can bob and weave, an uppercut
    thrower, your heart is pumping, and
    your stress is lower.

    The Crest of the hill is almost in view,
    your body cooperates and your mind
    does too, your confident knowing, this
    task I can do, you're over the hump,
    and your perspective is new
    Last edited by Bobby Del Boy; 02-12-2015, 05:19 AM.

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    Thought I'd resurrect this Bobby - since tomorrow it will fit the bill! Cute write!


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      Your a doll RLW! You get it and I got it!


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        Very nice rhyming poem in celebration of humpday,BDB!
        Did you hear about the camels exchanging private messages on the camel dating web site?
        The first said 'odds or evens'?
        The second said 'one hump or two'?
        Turns out they weren't a match