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Aces and eights

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  • Aces and eights

    Ice water in his veins
    To make the others sweat
    They could feel his cold heart
    For he carried no regret
    The tumblers on those navy colts
    Should they contain your name
    From his holsters like a lighting bolt
    Dead quick he made his fame

    Play that game where blood is spilled
    And you dare not miss a shot
    Keeps them coming faster still
    A dime novel this is not
    For reputation rides the wind
    Paid to apply your trade
    When others couldn’t, called on him
    To be Wild Bill again

    Back east your but a novelty
    An attraction wearing thin
    Surrounded by the wannabe’s
    Seems iron as turned to tin
    Your life one big promotion
    In the day remember when
    Discarded rounds of ammunition
    Were your trusted friend

    James Butler, Deadwoods calling you
    There’s gold there in the ground
    But at the number ten saloon
    On the gambling tables found
    Never turn your back on luck
    Only dead men hesitate
    Wild Bill in the head is struck
    Face down in aces and eights

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    Very clever divot! I'm out!!!!


    • #3
      You must read/see a lot of old west history divot! Nice build of tension as stanzas advance.


      • #4
        This is great, divot! I love the way you told the story with clever rhymes and witticisms! A poem after my own heart!


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          Great job Divot - the building of the tension.