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    Mother's and Daughter's have always been made out to be the best-est of friends.
    You see it in movies, read it on cards, watch it on TV, standing in their backyards.
    Some people aren't as lucky as the people we see. I sit and I think how awful that would be.
    I could never imagine not having you here. From the time that I can remember; you have always been near.
    For the good or the bad, you never turned away. And I am very lucky that I am one who can say.
    Since the moment when I can remember, until the very end. My mother will always be my very best friend!

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    A beautiful tribute to your mom Rach!


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      Lovely, Rach! I hope your mother liked it. Enjoy your time with her.


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        My heart skipped a beat for a moment - Rach79 is back??? Then I saw the date of her original post. Oh I hope she sees this and weighs in! Thanks Bobby, for bumping this back in the queue.