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  • Soft Pillow

    Soft pillow longs
    For me to rest.
    It gently holds
    My consciousness.

    Smooth cotton threads
    In woven case,
    Lightly pressing
    Against my face.

    Clean fabric scent
    Fills mental void,
    With images
    Of things enjoyed.

    So drifts my mind,
    Carried away,
    From all the tasks
    Not done today.

    My pillow cares
    For these things not,
    Nor any chore
    That I forgot.

    But I must now
    Rely on it,
    For darkness calls
    And I submit.

    posted on original RhymeZome March 22, 2005

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    I started this poem in my head as I was falling asleep a few weeks before posting it in 2005. I quickly grabbed a pen and wrote down what I could remember on a notepad then went back to sleep.

    It took a bit of kicking around later but I finally finished it. I made every line have four beats to give it a repetitive sleepy feeling (like a train ride or waves on the sea shore). I had to resist the strong urge to make it a humorous piece (as most of my poems end up) or to add some deep meaning. My goal was just to write a simple clean piece about a tired person and his pillow, something we can all relate to.

    I almost named it "Resting Place" but didn't because of the grave/death connotation . And since I could not think of anything else I just picked "Soft Pillow" which seemed to fit the simple nature of the poem.
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    • divot
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      Most poem start in bed or the shower, any place is fine if they lead me somewhere. zzzzzzzzzzzzz mission accomplished. I like it.

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    Thanks Divot for reminding me of this poem. I am not much of a poet but this one is one of my better ones.


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      This is proof that poems and lyrics can be about anything. It flows well. I like it.


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        I too, like this, Electron.John. Your plan for cadenced rhythm succeeded well! Nicely writ.


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          A very finely tailored granddaddy of all the four-beat pieces that have been en vogue at the Zone recently. What a charming write!


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            Nicely done Electron.john. Enjoyed it.


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              i enjoyed this!