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I need help with my text

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  • I need help with my text

    I have a poem. I have written it in Russian and translated to English, but I cant to found rhymes and size.
    I'm willing to take the assistant a co-author.

    and... I am sorry for my bad English.

    It is my text:

    Them where sorrow roams
    No trails, no roads
    Where with trees of the dry
    Again dripping juice
    In this strange forest
    Easy to get lost
    But you don't care
    You will find the star

    And that star in your hands
    Will light a fire and dispel fears
    light of star will melt the ice
    And love will sing

    You shouted stop
    Wait, no rush.
    I reached out.
    And the fire was extinguished
    And was enveloped in all the darkness
    I fell into silence.
    What should I do
    How to find that star again


    Copyright. Artem Kuznetsov.

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    I'm so willing to be co-author

    Kindly contact we see way forward

    Macros, Delray Beach


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      The Google Translate app will work like dope in your case. But you need to keep the language translation rules in mind while translating. These rules are really important as it will help you make your language better as you just translated your poem.
      Last edited by Bobby66; 12-03-2020, 01:57 AM.